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About us

In the era of economic and industrial globalization, having a strong background in both finance and management is crucial to success. DSPMT welcomes you to explore on the journey!

DSPMT was established in 2006 under College of Management and Technology. Our vision is to cultivate well rounded future leaders with specialty training in two of the following fields: Financial Management, Science and Technology. Students will be given a Bachelor degree in Management with the two chosen specialties noted on the diploma upon the successful completion of the required courses and credits. 

The first specialty can be chosen from either of the following four fields under College of Management and Technology: Economy (Department of Economy); Quantitative Finance (Department of Quantitative Finance); Law (Institute of Law and Science Technology);and Management(Institute of Technology Management; Institute of Service Science). For second specialty, NTHU offers 19 programs for students to choose from based on their interests. DSPMT is not a Liberal Arts program; instead, our curriculum provides the opportunities and training needed for its pupils to become leaders with expertise in a variety of fields.

Student Life